Thursday, September 2, 2010

THE Talk . . .

On Monday, as my husband was dealing with the extremely important fantasy football draft, I had the rare opportunity to be in possession of the remote control.  As I was flipping channels, I found the Lifetime movie The Pregnancy Pact, which is Lifetime's interpretation of the true story of 18 girls at a Massachusetts high school. As I was watching, I started thinking about THE talk.  Teen pregnancy rates are out of this world.  Every client I interview about sexual activity  tells me they've been active since about the age of 14.  One of my 13 year old clients came to me one day and told me his 13 year old girlfriend WAS pregnant, but her mother made her get an abortion. (photo credit)

What is happening??? Are parents waiting too late to have the talk?  Does the talk not work anymore?  When did you get the talk?  When/how do you plan on having it with your children?