Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why Get a Job When I'm Getting a Check?!

Recently, I was reading an article that claimed that unemployment benefits caused people to not seek work after being fired/laid off. My initial reaction was a confuse "What!?"  As I read on, this idea began to make more sense me. While the amount of money you may be paid in unemployment benefits is not enough to maintain an enjoyable lifestyle, I can certainly understand why someone who was seeking employment may not accept "lesser" job offers in hopes of coming across something comperable to (or better than) their previous position.  There's a lot less pressure to find a job when you know that at the very least, your electricity wont be terminated and your children won't have to be hungry.  On the other hand, I think it's pretty awful (and honestly, irresponsible) to not even look for employment just because you are receiving those benefits. I feel that this sucks resources away from people who really need the assistance, and are actually making an effort to provide for their families.

Do you think that receiving state benefits makes a person less likely to seek employment?