Monday, August 23, 2010

Is it Fate or just a Fling

Boy do we have a hot topic for you today. We also have a fabulous feature blogger. Ms. Baby Plan at The Baby Plan submitted this topic:

Although you love your husband, something has changed between the two of you and lately you have started to fantasize about a guy at work. In your heart you know you still love your spouse, but you cannot help how you are feeling about this new person. You really start to believe it is love. At home, you become distant and start behaving strangely. You tell one of your best friends how you feel. Together you start to observe this guy to see if he has any feelings for you.

The chance comes and you find yourself telling this person how much you like him. Lucky you. He likes you too... as a friend. He goes on to say that you are great but he does not want to ruin his relationship.

If you are really hardcore head over heels for him, what do you understand from his statement,"does not want to ruin his relationship [with you]"?

What do you do after that episode and why? Lets go wild with our minds and chat.