Friday, August 13, 2010

You, a friend and Fashion Week, NY

You. Look. Fabulous. Rocking your skinny jeans, stiletto heels and sunglasses. The ensemble screams . . . I'm a star!! You're rubbing elbows with fashion industry execs as you watch models rip the runway. Can you imagine it? You, at Fashion Week, NY, and you are VIP . . . . And then you woke up right? Wrong!

You and a friend could be VIP at the unveiling of the Academy of Art University's Spring 2011 Collection at Fashion Week in New York. This contest is not exclusive to Tell Me Something Good readers, however, the Interactive Media Specialist, Mr. Henson Gawliu, approached us and asked us to present this opportunity to our readers. To enter visit :
Good luck to all who plan to enter.

If you were going to fashion week:
1. Who would you take with you?
2. What would you dream outfit be?
3. Which designer's show would you love to view?