Thursday, August 26, 2010

When homewreckers attack . . .

Angenlina Jolie . . .  Alicia Keys . . . Gabrielle Union . . . Fantasia Barrino . . . All of these these women have been dubbed "homewreckers."  Are they really???

Don't get me wrong.  They met married men, got involved and maintained relationships with these men.  One got married and two of them have children (one currently pregnant) with those married men.  But why are THEY the homewreckers?  When did they take the vows?  When did they promise "forsaking all others . . . I choose you"?  Granted, they could exercise a level of morality and recognize their actions were wrong, but none of these women were married.  Some how they are responsible for breaking up households, that they did not even set up.  Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren's divorce was finalized on 8/23/10.  Tiger has been called a number of different things, but I have yet to hear him be called a homewrecker.  Ummm . . . isn't what he did the epitome of wrecking his home?  Is there some sort of societal double standard that absolves husbands' of their responsibility of maintaining their marriages/households and somehow all the responsibility lies on outside entities?  What do you think?