Friday, August 20, 2010

Next stop . . . the Academy Awards

It feel really good to be recognized for doing a good job.  No blogger feels complete until they've gotten their first BLOG AWARD!!!  And we'd like to thank Ms. Baby Plan of The Baby Plan for thinking so highly of us to give us this little beauty.

In order to accept this award, we have to list 7 things about ourselves.  Well, here we go:

  1. Believe it or not, we are both Mrs. Jones.  Welcome to bizzaro world.
  2. We are both married to men who are 6'4".  We swear it's not the same dude, LOL.
  3. We both  love the fall season. . . . the weather is perfect and the fashion is at it's best.
  4. We both rock afros al a Pam Grier from the 70's . . . well, not as big YET.
  5. We both LOVE our legs.  Christina's legs are long and go on forever.  The shape of Ms. Understood's legs can stop traffic (and has).
  6. We both can't get enough CHOCOLATE.
  7. Lastly, we both LOVE talking to you so don't forget to come back and visit.
Who else would be give this award to but to our most loyal readers.  Ms. Baby Plan, one of our most loyal readers, gave us this award and we believe we should pass that love along.
  1. CK at Made by Bedtime Tales
  2. Rose's Daughter @ My Life
  3. Rhonda @ Motivation Mama Drama
  4. Margaret @ The World As I See It (Margaret is the best.  She also retweets our blog posts)
  5. Mrs. R @ Mrs. R
  6. Brown Eyed Girl @ Tales of a Brown Eyed Girl
  7. Krissy @ The Musings of Me 
These ladies are staples here on our blog and they have amazing blogs themselves.  Please visit and give them some blog love.  We have so many other regulars that we would love to award and will make sure to spread the love around next go round.