Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...You Know What They Say..

  "You know what they say about babies who develop fast, don't you?" If I hear that statement one more time, just ONE MORE, I just may scream.  Because what "they" say is that when baby hit their development milestones "early", it means they're getting out of the way for the next baby.   My daughter just turned 8 months old, and has recently begun taking steps on her own.  My mom, grandmother seem to ask me every day "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" Yes mom, I'm sure I'm not pregnant. Same time tomorrow?  If a child's rate of development starts affecting the efficacy of birth control, someone let me know.
I'm not ready to be pregnant again.  Ideally, I would like Izzy to be approaching at least 2 years old we start working on our 2nd child.

How many years apart are your children?  How long do you want to wait before having another?  Even if it's different from what YOU want to do, what do you think is the ideal age between siblings?