Sunday, August 1, 2010

What you've been waiting for . . .

Hey ladies,

Welcome!!! We are so excited to launch this blog. In an effort to connect with, learn about, and share more with our fellow bloggers, we wanted to start a blog with a topic of the day.

Everyday, Monday through Friday, there will be a new conversation topic.
Mondays hot topic will be Relationships and Intimacy
Tuesdays we will dabble in Fashion and Beauty
Wednesdays we will discuss three Ps - Planning/Pregnancy/Parenting
Thursdays will focus on Current Events
Fridays will be a special treat . . . a Wild Card, which could feature a topic of the day from YOU!

To keep everyone together, comments in each topic will close 48 hours after the topic posts.  Stop in once a day or several times a day. We want to talk to YOU!! The Ground Rule is both singular and simple.  Let's be respectful of each others' differences of opinion.

Bring us your suggestions for conversations, submit your website to our blog roll and make yourself at home!  And while you're here? Well....Tell Us Something Good!